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This is the work of our Lawn Aeration Michigan or Lawn Core Aeration professionals helping your lawn to become healthy and stronger this year via lawn core aeration services in Michigan provided by Metro Automated Sprinklers.

Your lawn requires several different things to help keep it growing strong and looking great all throughout the growing season here in southeast Michigan. Your lawn requires sunlight, water, regular feeding along with mowing and manual weed control. It may also require regular fertilization to help keep you lawn healthy enough to ward off disease.

Lawn Aeration $39 (up to 3000 sq.ft.) $10 per 1000 sq.ft. additional

After a long winter and through activities on your lawn throughout the growing season the soil that your lawn grows in becomes compacted. THis makes it difficult for this soil to properly absorb the water, nutrients or other applications that are applied to your lawn. It also makes it difficult for the soil to absorb air need by your lawns root system to help it grow strong and maintain that lush look that we all enjoy.

Core aeration of your Michigan lawn is highly recommended to help combat the problems that occur as a result of soil compaction. By pulling up cores of soil about the width of a cigar and the length of a couple of inches, your lawn can easily get the things it need to help it grow. These cores are pulled out with a specialized machine and then deposited on top of the lawn and although they may look a bit unsightly for a couple of days, they will quickly break down. In addition to allowing nutrients and the air needed by your lawn to reach the root system, by loosening some of the soil, the root system of your lawn can begin to grow stronger and healthier again as the roots can more easily make their way though the formerly compacted soil. Lawn core aeration, when combined with dethatching offers extreme benefits to the health of your lawn.

Thatch buildup is another common problem faced by most lawns. Thatch buildup occurs when dead organic matter from grass stems or dead roots builds to a level where sun, moisture or nutrients are unable to reach the soil. Although many people think that thatch is caused by grass clippings, this is not the case as grass clippings will quickly break down and help to feed your lawn. Soil with poor aeration is often a large part of the cause of thatch buildup, since your lawn does not receive all of the things it needs to survive. Thatch, in effect suffocates your lawn.

Lawn aeration can be performed at any time during the growing season, however, most homeowners prefer to have their lawn aerated in the spring to help combat the effects of soil compacted by heavy snow and ice and to allow an early and healthy start of their lawn. Some homeowners, especially those whose lawns have built up a heavy layer of thatch will often have their lawn aerated a couple of times during the growing season. This becomes very helpful if your lawn receives a lot of traffic which compacts the soil.

We offer complete lawn aeration services along with complete lawn sprinkler services in southeast Michigan that is performed by experienced lawn technicians who will not only do an expert job of core aeration, but, will also cleanup any soil that may deposit on sidewalks or driveways via blower and will completely cleanup all of the dead matter that piles up during the lawn core aeration service process.

Benefits of Lawn Core Aeration
Lawn core aeration helps make your lawn healthier and reduces maintenance. How?

  • Lawn aeration improves air exchange between the soil and the air around us
  • Allows for improved water uptake by your lawn
  • Improvement of fertilizer uptake for grass use
  • Water runoff is reduced to help prevent puddling
  • Allows your grass to grow a stronger, healthier root system
  • Improves heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Reduces thatch buildup

Give us a call today at 248-473-7485 or 734-844-2494 to schedule your lawn core aeration or lawn Sprinkler services. We are licensed and insured. Our staff is professional and courteous. Our mission is to help you have a strong and healthy lawn this year that can make you the envy of the neighborhood.

When you call to schedule your lawn dethatching or lawn core aeration, be sure to ask about all of the other professional lawn care services we offer to help you maintain the best lawn on the block.


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